Glowing Saber
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Glowing Saber

Other Games


Injury Flowchart - A flowchart I made to capture and help resolve damage resolution.

Creature Index - List of creatures in official publications.

GURPS Repository - A collection for your GURPS needs. (Monsters)

GCA Repository - All kinds of resources for the GCA.



Where to get ~25mm "Deadlands" miniatures; old west, steampunk, monsters and a few that don't quite fit but are cool.

Black Scorpion • Roughly 200 old west figures, good variety and nice looking sculpts. I haven't purchased any of these yet.

Reaper - I have a several of these metal figures, with a couple of exceptions the sculpts are excellent.
Old WestSteam Punk

Wargames Foudary - A HUGE range of historic metal figures from dozens of regions and eras. I have 40-50 of these figures and the sculpts are adequate. The figures seem slightly shorter than 25mm figures from other companies.
Old WestPlains WarsU.S. Civil War

Artizan - Some old west figures and terrain along with a lot of other genres.

Blue Moon - 28mm old west figures, monsters, and some others that may be appropriate.
Old WestWagonsMonsters

Noble Knight - A game store with some new and oop figures

Brigade Games - Some old west figures and terrain.

Knuckle Duster - 32mm figures.
Gunfighter's BallOld West

Fosil Punk - Cowboys riding dinosaurs. Not much here, the project seems to be floundering.

Perry Miniatures - Little to no old west, but lost of plastic civil war and other historics.

Whitewash City - A list of old west miniature sites.


GC Mini - Old West

4Ground - Dead Mans HandCurse of Dead Mans HandAmerican LegendsAdd Ons Also has signs.

Sarissa Precision - Old WestSouth of the BorderCarts and Wagons

X-Wing Miniatures 2E

Fantasy Flight - Official Site

Squad Builder

X-Wing Wiki - A great wiki site.

X-Wing Subredit

PTL League - A league the promotes casual play.

Meta Wing - Aggregated tournament info.

Pod Casts

Best X-Wing Podcasts

Scum and Villiany

Radio TCX

Mynock Squadron

X-Wing Miniatures 1E

Ship Guide - An in depth look as selected ships.

Echo Location - Ship Manuver Plotter.

Squad Builders

Unofficial X-Wing SB

Yet Another SB

Tabletop Games

Arena Rex - Mythic gladiator combat.

Bushido - Asian themed game with good proxies for TT.

Car Wars - SJGames Resources.

Spark - More resources.


Dark Age - Post apocolyptic mini game.

Deep Waters - Interesting looking fish game. Takes place in an aquarium?

Dracula's America - A game set in the old west with lots of supernatural elements.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - FALLOUT!.

Fosil Punk - Cowboys riding dinosaurs.

Frost Grave - A warband fantasy game, not very well balance IMHO.

Gaslands - Quick and simple vehicular combat game using Matchbox-sized cars.

Godtear - Scirmish level epic fantasy game.

Horizon Wars - BYO Mech, tank and infantry war game on the battletech scale. Mechvoid Minis EM4 Minis Reaper Cav Mecha Front Minis Battlemart Clockwork Goblin Games Bradley Miniatures

Konflikt 47 - Weird War II.

Shattered Earth - Good alt TT minis.

Warzone V2 - Sci Fi mini game.

Wild West Exodus - A skirmish sized old west, cyperpunk, magic themed game.


Big Geeky Rulebook - Consolidated Smashup rulebook covering up through the "Oops, You Did It Again" expansion.



Black Scorpion - Several ranges including pirates, old west and "not-bloodbowl".

Brother Vini's - Fallout themed miniatures.

Wargames Foudary - Mostly historic from many eras and cultures. They tend to be smaller with true proportions. They remind me of 80's and 90's Ral Partha figures.


4Ground - A variety of laser cut buildings, and trees.

GC Mini - Laser cut wood terrain.

Dark Ops - Laser cut wood terrain.

PWork Wargames - MDF sci-fi buildings.

Ainsty Castings - Resin scenics and accessories for gamers.

Miniature Market - Tiny Terrain (barrels, crates, chests, etc.)

Sarissa Precision - Laser cut wood terrain.


Vallejo - My paint of choice. They have a wide variety of paint including fantasy colors, realistic military colors, texturing, water effects, airbrush and more. Most lines come in dropper bottles.

Liquid Gold These metallics are alcohol based and have some of the finest grains I've seen in a metallic hobby paint.

Scale 75 - I've heard good things about their metallics, but never tried them.


Broken Token - MDF game organizers.

Terrain Making

Terrain Tutor Channel - A fantastic youTube channel with great videos on building all sorts of terrain.

Hot Wire Foam Factory - Lots of tools for working with foam.

Hirst Arts - Molds for making terrain with instructions for mold making and casting with plaster and resin.

Polytek - Professional grade casting and mold making supplies.

Silhouette - A wide variety of terrain building materials.

WWS Scenics - A wide variety of terrain building materials.

War Painter - Grass tufts and static grass applicators.

Flock Box 5 This static flock applicator comes highly recommended.

Weathering Wood - Using vinegar and steel wool to weather wood.

3D Printing

Printable Scenery - Buy 3D printer designs.

Misc. Other

Bundle of Holding - Deep discounts on classic and recent (not new) pdf bundles.

GMG Chanel - A youTube channel featuring lots of indi TT games.

T&G Chanel - A youTube channel featuring lots of indi TT games.

Cut It Custom - Custom stencils for airbrushing. (Currently off-line for construction)

Green Stuff World - Odd and ends for making models and terrain including green stuff texture rollers.

Forgotten Realms

Maps by Markustay - FR maps on Deviant Art.

Pinned by John Owen - FR maps on Pinterest.

the glowing saber