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Malifaux Resources

Getting Started

Wyrd's Website: FAQ - Forum - Promotions - Upcomming - Guilders - Webstore - Free Rulbook

Quick Reference - Short concise summaries of each faction and their masters.

Building On A Budget - Fantastic articles breaking down the best crews for new players from each faction.

Media - Some videos and podcast directed and new and/or potential players.

Guerilla Miniature Gaming - How to play Malifaux video Part 1 and Part 2

Schemes and Stones Ep. 41 - Welcome to Malifaux

Red Jokers Ep. 10 - Beginnersode

Critical Twits Ep. 43 - How to get into Malifaux

Pacific Northwest Malifaux

Breaching the Emrerald City - Facebook Group dedicated to Malifaux in the greater Seattle region.

Northwest Wargamers - Facebook Group with a list of stores where Malifaux is played, stocked and events are posted

Edmonds/Everett Area Malifaux - Wyrd Forum post about the events I run in the area.

PFC Games - Edmonds game store fully stocking Malifaux where I run events.

Mugu Games - Everett game store with limited Malifaux stock where I run events.

Bad Things Happen - A Pacific Northwest competitively minded Malifaux podcast.

Online Tools, Downloads, Apps and Misc.

Wyrd's Malifaux App - Crew creator, game tracker, etc. With an upgrade it includes model stat cards.

By The Hanging Tree - Crew Creator.

Godswearhats - Scheme generator.

Marker Generator - On-line tool to design and print your own markers.

Master Timing Chart - A breakdown of much of the timing in the game.

Logfaux - A game tracker and aggregator.

Organized Play Format Docs - Tournament, league and alternant format rule download.

Summoner Cards - Nifty reference cards for summoning masters.

Fonts - Blood Crow, Malifaux Rodent

Playtesting Application - Apply to beta test Wyrd games. (New - Jan 18 )


Story Encounter Index - Forum post listing Malifaux Story Encounters.

12 Names for 13 Tyrants - Great Post about the Tyrants.

Character Background Index - Where to find all the fluff on your favorite models.

Character Background Order - Order to read background stories.

Pod Casts, Forums, Blogs, Etc.

Wyrd Place - General discussion Facebook Group.

Schemes and Stones Podcast - This podcast is focused on tactics. Most podcast feature a single master. Very well done.

Bad Things Happen - A Pacific Northwest competitively minded Malifaux podcast.

Dead Man's Hand Podcast - Podcast from some local Seattleites.

Red Jokers - Podcast on various Malifaux subjects. A group of Australians with master reviews, but primarily ad hoc Malifaux discussion.

Breachside Broadcast - Wyrd's podcast. Basically audio version of the fluff in the books.

Wyrd Place Podcast - Podcast on various Malifaux subjects.

Abnormalifaux - Podcast on various Malifaux subjects.

Breach Boys - Podcast on various Malifaux subjects.

Faux Brauxs - Podcast on various Malifaux subjects.

Critical Condition - Podcast on various Malifaux subjects.

Critical Twits - Youtube channel about Malifaux.

Unboxing Malifaux - Pics of models and some Stat cards.

Aaron Darland - Wyrd's lead game designer

Combat Phase Podcast Part 1 Part 2 (both start ~40 min in) - Aaron talkes about Malifaux game design in general.

Max Value Podcast Episode 25 - Aaron talks about desiging GG2018

Beasts of War - Q&A with Aaron Darland

Painting, Building and Other Hobby Tips

Guerilla Miniature Gaming - Youtube channel with Malifaux batreps. They are good, but not perfect with the rules.

Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic - Youtube channel with lots of painting tutorials. Close to a dozen of the videos feature Malifaux in some way.

Bleached Models - Painting blog with very nice figure painting.

Gmorts Chaotica - Unboxing models.

Do-It-Yourself Markers - The faction symbols on the Malifaux boxes are the perfect size for markers. Use a 30mm base as a guide and cut out the faction symbol for scheme markers. Run a light bead of super glue along the edge for strength. Flip them over for corps or scrap markers.

DIY Versatile Lamp - Adam Savage builds a lamp with an adjustable armature, adjustable color temp and a dimmer. (New - Mar 22 )

MDT Hobby Blog - A bit narcissistic, but I have a few tips here.

Shopping - Official Merchandise

Upcomming - Upcoming releases on the Wyrd site.

Webstore - Wyrd's official store, but please support your FLGS if you can.

DriveThruRpg - Wyrd rulebooks in PDF format. The small rulebook and Chronicles e-zine is free.

OffWorld Designs - Wyrd T-shirts.

Wargame Vault - Get individual stat cards and GG2016 Scheme and Strategy deck here.

Shopping - Third Party

Matts By Mars - Play mats with deployment areas, center lines, etc. marked. Laser cut wood terrain as well.

Widget Wizards - Markers, range rulers at good prices. They have x-wing templates as well. This is the place I went.

Things Undone - Markers, base inserts, etc.

Chimeric Designs - Markers, etc.

Angry Mojo Games - Markers, range rulers, terrain, etc.

Customeeple - Markers, terrain, etc.

Tablewar - High end army transport cases.

Gale Force Nine - Magnetic 30mm, 40mm and 50mm round beveled bases.

Frikead - Stickers to cover bases for those of you who don't like to paint.

Building On A Budget - The goal is to help players start a new faction and quickly build tournament viable lists on a budget. They only had guild lists up last time I checked.

Shopping - Terrain

Dave Graffam Models - Paper models for those on a budget. Free sample items.

Matts By Mars - Laser cut wood terrain. Play mats with deployment areas, center lines, etc. marked as well.

TT Combat - Some Malifaux appropriate terrain including some Asian themed buildings.

Large Events and Rankings

Breaching the Faux - Northwest Annual (April-ish) Malifaux Tournament. USA UK Poland - Tournament rankings - Game meta-data database

Scenarios, Campigns, Etc.

Camp Faux - A killer hunts camp counselors. (In henchman forums)

Ascension - A 5-week curated Shifting Loyalties narative campaign.

Henchman Items

Note: Some of these items may be in the henchman only forums.

Ratty Terrain - Ratty gives some advice on the "proper" way to set up terrain.

Demo Advice - Some tips on running a demo. Must be a henchman to access.

Common TO Ruling Document - A community FAQ created by Henchman to aid Tournament Organizers in making constant rulings across events.

Certificates - Certificates that can be handed out to players.

Tournament Organization Software

Lucius's Logbook



Bag O Tools

Best Coast Pairings

The Other Side Resources

Wyrd - Wyrd's Official site.

Backerkit - Preorder ToS on Backerkit.

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