Glowing Saber
Glowing Saber

Malifaux 3E Rule Reference

This is not a FAQ nor my attempt to tell others how to play the game. This page is my personal rules reference. I use it as a reference when running tournaments.

It is a bit premature, but the beta rules seem fairly stable.

M3E Beta

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Killing, credit for 25; conditions 29.


Q) What is the scope of Sonnia Criid's Smothering Flame Ability?

A) Smothering Flame affects the Rg stat on non-x actions. E.g. Walk and Charge actions do not have a Rg stat, so are unaffected. E.g. Lust's Now, Kiss! action's Rg is affected, but the "...another enemy model within 6" and..." clause within the action is not affected.

Reference: "Smothering Flame" beta forum post

Q) If a model is moved toward a marker when does it stop?

A) The model stops when it runs out of movement or its base edge reaches the center of the marker, whichever comes first.
pg 13 Measuring: "Measurement is almost always done horizontally from the closest point on the base of the object in question."
pg 15 Toward and Away: "If something is moving “toward” an object, it must move toward the center of that object." and "Something moving toward an object cannot move further from that object at any point during its movement..."
So the closest point (the edge of the base) must move toward the center of the marker. Once the edge reaches the center of the marker it cannot move further from the center.

Reference: "Magnetism and Scrap Markers" beta forum post