Glowing Saber
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Glowing Saber



Injury Flowchart - A flowchart I made to capture and help resolve damage resolution.

Creature Index - List of creatures in official publications.

GURPS Repository - A colletion for your GURPS needs. (Monsters)

GCA Repository - All kinds of resources for the GCA.

Dungeon Fantasy (DF) Campaign Player Reference

Some quick notes for my players.

Everyman Skills

Please include these skills on your character sheet, even if you put 0 CPs into the skill. Its not uncommon to need the level of these skills for the entire party.

  • Brawling
  • Climbing
  • First Aid (Human)
  • Hiking
  • Jummping
  • Navigation (Land)
  • Riding (Equines)
  • Search
  • Survival (Woodlands)
  • Swimming
  • Traps
  • Magic

    Magic is the technology of the setting so expect protected items to be hardened against magic the same way today's technology is hardened. Magic is still very useful, but if a simple spell can short-ciruit an entire adventure expect protections to be in place.

    Wizards in DF must follow the spell restrictions below. There are some exceptions, for details see DF01 pg. 20.

    • Animal, Enchantment, Plant, Healing (except Lend Energy and Recover Energy), Radiation, Weather colleges are not allowed.
    • Teleportaion and time manipulation spells are not allowed.
    • Enlarge, Invisibilty and 'Create' spells have additional rules.
    the glowing saber