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For the techies out there.

The primary reason for this web sit is not to share gaming content, it is to learn some tech skills. I am an IT professional, but I don't do very much web devlopment and I'd like to learn more about AWS. I figured the best way to larn more about these things would be to build a website using 'serverless' on AWS about something I really enjoy. I'll list some of the tech I've used to build this sit as well as some of the resources I used to figure out how to do it.

HTML and Scripting

When I started this project I only knew the very basics of HTML, like what a href was and what CSS did, but had little to no experience using them. While I have a lot of scripting experience, I had never writen a web page that included a script. Here are some of the resources I liked most when learning about HTML. - w3schools not only serves as a great refernece the the documents are layed out as a tutorial. I've been through the HTML, CSS and JQUERY tutorials. Each lesson has an easy to use attached lab as well. Fantastic site!

You Dont Know JS - This is a great site with an on-line in-depth Java Scripting manual.


Prior to this project I've never uses any sort of source control. Git has been a great tool to manage the code for this site I've also been experimenting with keeping some of my other scripts here as well.

GitHub - This is a link to my github. All of the code for this site is stored in the repository. - This is great tutorial for learning how to use the command line for github. Most if it is written for linux. I'm primarial a Windos user, but had not trouble following along.


I work with AWS professionaly, but there are hundreds of different services offered and I can't justify spending work time on all the ones I'd like to play around with. So this website gives me goals that help me understand AWS services in a much better capacity than if I'd just run through a tutorial I found on-line.'

Sander Knape Blog - This blog entry is a step-by-step on how to build a serverless website in AWS using S3, DynamoDB, Lambda and API Gateway. This is how I learned to set up my first database backed page and a bit about JQuery.