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Glowing Saber

Other Games

Non-Wyrd gaming items of interest. A bit of a random collection of things, that caught my interest.

X-Wing Miniatures

X-Wing Wiki - A great wiki site with all the cards.

X-Wing Subredit

PTL League - A leage the promotes casual play.

Ship Guide - An in depth look as selected ships.

Echo Location - Ship Manuver Plotter.

Meta Wing - Agregated tournament info.

Pod Casts

Best X-Wing Podcasts

Scum and Villiany

Radio TCX

Mynock Squadron

Squad Builders

Unofficial X-Wing SB

Yet Another SB

Tabletop Games

Arena Rex - Mythic gladiator combat.

Bushido - Asian themed game with good proxies for TT.

Car Wars - SJGames Resources.

Spark - More resources.


Dark Age - Post apooclyptic mini game.

Deep Waters - Interesting looking fish game. Takes place in an aquarium?

Dracula's America - A game set in the old west with lots of supernatural elements.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - FALLOUT!.

Fosil Punk - Cowboys riding dinosaurs.

Frost Grave - A warband fantasy game, not very well balance IMHO.

Gaslands - Quick and simple vehicular combat game using Matchbox-sized cars.

Godtear - Scirmish level epic fantasy game.

Horizon Wars - BYO Mech, tank and infantry war game on the battletech scale.

Mechvoid Minis

EM4 Minis

Reaper Cav

Mecha Front Minis


Clockwork Goblin Games

Bradley Miniatures - Limited selection of 6mm and 15mm sci-fi minis

Konflikt 47 - Weird War II.

Shattered Earth - Good alt TT minis.

Warzone V2 - Sci Fi mini game.

Wild West Exodus - A skirmish sized old west, cyperpunk, magic themed game.


Injury Flowchart - A flowchart I made to help capture and resolve the various situations that may occure when taking damage.



Black Scorpion - Several ranges including pirates, old west and "not-bloodbowl".

Brother Vini's - Fallout themed miniatures.

Wargames Foudary - Mostly historic from many eras and clutures. They tend to be smaller with true proportions. They remind me of 80's and 90's Ral Partha figures.


4Ground - A variety of laser cut buildings, and trees. (New - April 9 )

GC Mini - Laser cut wood terrain. (New - April 9 )

Dark Ops - Laser cut wood terrain. (New - April 9 )

PWork Wargames - MDF sci-fi buildings.

Ainsty Castings - Resin senics and accessories for gamers. (New - April 9 )

Miniature Market - Tiny Terrain (barrels, crates, chests, etc.)

Sarissa Precision - Laser cut wood terrain. (New - April 9 )


Vallejo - My paint of choice. They have a wide variety of paint including fantasy colors, realistic military colors, texturing, water effects, airbrush and more. Most lines come in dropper bottles. (New - April 9 )

Liquid Gold These metallics are alchohol based and have some of the finest grains I've seen in a metalic hobby paint.

Scale 75 - I've heard good things about their metalics, but never tried them. (New - April 9 )


Broken Token - MDF game organizers.

Terrain Making

Terrain Tutor Channel - A fantastic youtube channel with greate vidoes on building all sorts of terrain.

Hot Wire Foam Factory - Lots of tools for working with foam. (New - April 9 )

Hirst Arts - Molds for making terrain with instructions for mold making and casting with plaster and resin. (New - April 9 )

Polytek - Professional grade casting and mold making supplies. (New - April 9 )

Silhouette - A wide variety of terrain building materials. (New - April 9 )

WWS Senics - A wide variety of terrain building materials. (New - April 9 )

War Painter - Grass tuffs and static grass applicators. (New - April 9 )

Flock Box 5 This static flock applicator comes highly recomended.

Weathering Wood - Using vinegar and steelwool to weather wood. (New - April 9 )

3D Printing

Printable Scenery - Buy 3D printer designs. (New - April 9 )

Misc. Other

Bundle of Holding - Deep discounts on classic and recent (not new) pdf bundles.

GMG Chanel - A youtube channel featuring lots of indi TT games.

T&G Chanel - A youtube channel featuring lots of indi TT games.

Cut It Custom - Custome stensils for aribrushing. (Currently off-line for construction) (New - April 9 )

Green Stuff World - Odd and ends for making modles and terrain including green stuff texture rollers. (New - April 9 )

The Old West


I'm considering building an Old West terrain set, so I'm collection all the Old West related items on one spot.

Black Scorpion - Tombstone - Roughly 100 old west figures.

Wargames Foudary - Old WestPlains WarsU.S. Civil War

Fosil Punk - Cowboys riding dinosaurs


GC Mini - Old West

4Ground - Dead Mans HandCurse of Dead Mans HandAmerican LegendsAdd Ons Also has signs.

Sarissa Precision - Old WestSouth of the BorderCarts and Wagons